Choosing a hotel for families in Brittany? The Grand Large hotel is an obvious choice

Not all hotels are well suited to families. If you are looking for a family hotel in Brittany, Le Grand Large in Belle-Île-en-Mer offers the necessary comfort, the appropriate services and an exceptional setting.

Your family hotel in Brittany

Le Grand Large has thought of you and your children. Why deprive yourself of such a beautiful destination because you have children? That's why the family apartment is the type of room you need at this Belle-Île-en-Mer hotel. The size, the sleeping arrangements, the layout, everything is done to make you feel comfortable. This family hotel in Belle-Île-en-Mer also has a few special features for you, such as the baby pack, offered upon reservation. No need to worry about coming to the island since the bathtub, changing mat, bed and bottle warmer for your baby will already be installed in the room. You will also appreciate the babysitting service on order, which will allow you to enjoy the Marie Galante restaurant or one of the many activities available on the island. Le Grand Large is definitely a family hotel in Brittany.

A family hotel in Brittany, at every age

One thing is for sure, everyone will find memories to make while staying in this family hotel in Brittany. It is also the many assets of the establishment that everyone can appreciate. The solid breakfast with a view of the sea, the bistronomic cuisine, both gourmet, but without being borrowed, perfect for eating together. Of course, no member of the family will remain unaffected by the many activities available in the area. It starts with the hikes on the island, but the water sports, the tour of the island by plane, or simply the horseback and bicycle rides will also be precious assets. Your family weekend in Brittany is already a success. And if you need any more arguments, your reservation at Le Grand Large gives you access to the thalasso therapy center at Castel Clara, another great hotel on Belle-Île-en-Mer, only a 5-minute walk away.



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