Hotel Le Grand Large, your charming hotel in Belle-Île-en-Mer

Belle-Île-en-Mer's reputation for charm and wilderness deserves more than just a hotel for your stay. You deserve at least one charming hotel in Belle-Île-en-Mer. On the moor, facing the sea and in a majestic setting, Hotel Le Grand Large makes you forget everything else.

A charming hotel in the Gulf of Morbihan

Hotel Le Grand Large is your charming 4-star hotel in Morbihan. Built to overlook the surrounding cliffs, it offers a magnificent view of the turquoise blue ocean, on calm days as well as stormy ones. If Belle-Île-en-Mer has always attracted those in search of a natural landscape, they will be delighted at every moment of their stay on the island as this incredible view is the centerpiece of the hotel. The rooms face the sea, you will eat facing the ocean and the many activities that can be organized with the concierge revolve for many around this incredible panorama. This 4-star boutique hotel in Morbihan is one of the most extraordinary views in the region.

A 4-star hotel in Belle-Île-en-Mer

The ocean view, when you are in Belle-Île-en-Mer, it is obvious. But the hotel does not hide behind its status as a charming hotel in Belle-Île-en-Mer to offer nothing else. On the contrary, you will love its contemporary, comfortable and well-equipped rooms. You can choose to have a view of the sea or the moors. The hotel services will also seduce you. Heated swimming pool, room service for breakfast in your room, wifi and luggage storage, parking and shuttle to the port, baby pack and baby sitting, all the comforts of a beautiful seaside hotel.

Hotel Le Grand Large also has a magnificent reception room that allows you to organize a magnificent wedding in Brittany with a sea view from Belle-Île-en-Mer. It is a privileged setting to get together with friends and family to spend time, celebrate your couple and organize numerous activities around the heritage of Belle-Île-en-Mer: kayaking, boating, cycling, hiking on the GR 340, horseback riding, sea fishing or car rallies, you will have an unforgettable stay for a day that is just as unforgettable.



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